Kit Kite

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I don't remember when or where I first saw Kit's work. I know that it was soon after we moved to Nashville and I know that the first thing that I saw was a beautiful conceptual series of portraits that she calls "The X Housewife Portraits". Until this very moment, I guess I've never specifically thought about what it was about Kit and her work that really grabbed my attention. On the most essential level I think that it's safe to say that I see a very clear mind and attention to humanity and emotion and even social change and feminism in her work. All things that attract me in art and subject. I think I also got the sense that Kit has an artist's mind and heart. That she may be or see things a little differently. The best of us are at least a little different. It's those odd things in our minds and actions that impact art and the world because they feel a little estranged. They cause our brains to reanalyze what we thought and either find greater affirmation, or if we're open to it a greater truth all together.

Kit and I became acquaintances via social media and realized that we share some of the same friends, but I hadn't met her in person before doing this project with her. We met at her house and ended up sitting in my jeep for an hour talking and going through her answers to the project questions. Kit reminded me of the power and potential of forgiveness. How important it is and how much we can’t truly be ourselves if we’re holding onto things that we need to let go.

I asked her if she was working on anything new, to which she answered yes. I don’t really have details on what we can expect in the future from Kit, but I can’t wait to see it! If you’re not already familiar with her work I would really recommend checking it out. Her Instagram is the current best place to see it online but she still shows the X Housewife series at venues so check it out in person if you get the chance. 

Kit, thank you so much for your art and perspective! It’s important!

Love Aimlessly, My Friends


On a fundamental level, what gets you out of bed every day? 

That varies from day-to-day. Sometimes it’s the baby. Sometimes is schedule or responsibility. Sometimes it is an idea that I’m excited about and want to chase.

A lot of the time ideas come first in the form of writing because it’s a lot easier to write anywhere at any point than it is to get into the studio. Sometimes I will just get up and scribble a line down. In that comes a visual template for me to work off of.

Sometimes it’s just wanting to have time with my husband or to have a moment of being present with one another just talking. Being intentional without being too mechanical.

Sometimes I don’t want to get up and just want to sleep. I am typically a morning person. I like getting up but it takes me a while to get going and come online.

I’m mostly always excited to get up but for different reasons. 


To date, what is the greatest lesson that you’ve learned? 

I’m still probably learning it, and that would be forgiveness. Forgiving myself and forgiving others. I’m kind of learning that it’s such an art-form in and of itself. Within forgiveness there’s a space of grace and or consideration. Hearing someone's end of things. Trying to understand where they’re coming from. A lot of the time I wish I’d done things differently… Learning to forgive and let go of those can be a lesson itself.

You can’t go through life well without learning forgiveness. I know that I’ll constantly be learning and growing from it. I’ll forever become deeper and deeper intrenched in the knowledge of forgiveness.

I’ve noticed that the more I do it that it’s like a release. It no longer has a hold on you. It’s cleansing. It’s space that’s cleared in liberation and you get to move forward without being controlled by it. I’ve kind of grown addicted to the idea of forgiveness. Some times are still harder than others. I don’t have it down to a science. 


What is love?

It’s so much more than one thing. At least in my opinion and experience, I’ve never seen it as just one thing. There’s different layers, stages and dimensions. It’s like it’s its own person and has many different languages that it speaks.

As I think about all the different ways loves displays itself I recognize that I’ve felt love, I’ve acted love, I’ve seen it. I’ve smelled it. It’s multidimensional. It’s multi sensory. Sometimes it says no. Sometimes yes. Sometimes it’s desire. Sometimes it’s courageous. Passionate. It can be devoted and enthralled in emotion. Other times it’s hard work or sacrifice.

Sometimes I head people say “Love is a sacrifice and nothing else!” or “Love is only an action!” Maybe when it really counts it is or when shit hits the fan and you need to it be, it is. On so many other levels though there are many sides, contours and forms to love. It makes it enthralling and an amazing, amazing thing! But I don’t think it’s any one thing. If it had to be one thing I think it would be truth. Truth… but sometimes you can feel all the love and it be all wrong too… So I don’t know! Haha. Sometimes… it doesn’t make sense. 


About Kit : Kit is  a conceptual artists with many projects under her belt, such as "The X Housewife Portraits" and she's currently working on a new series of work.


From Detroit

Lives in Nashville, TN