Brady Laughlin

I met Brady at a friends house. We shook hands exchanged names and he said "Oh. I recently stalked your work. I like it!" "Thank you!" I said. "I'm happy that you like my images. Want to be in one?"

Brady had just recently moved to town. He was wearing this yellow robe when we met and as my friend and I shared coffee in the kitchen Brady chatted with us and ironed his trousers in the robe. The whole situation was all too picturesque as it was. 

He and I talked more and discovered a kinship around art and the beautiful color work of cinematographers and directors from Douglas Sirk to Wes Anderson. Conversations on art almost inevitably lead to conversations on life which of course happened. I returned the following morning with lights and a yellow backdrop to shoot him for Project 104. 

Brady is one of those people that, for me, are a refreshing relief to what is displayed as the norm. The same feeling of seeing the smallest pop of color in a sea of gray. It's enough to make you take notice and feel a little brighter and more hopeful. 

I really enjoyed getting to know Brady and I have no doubt that we'll continue our friendship and conversations. Keep your head up and your eye out for those "pops of color" in your day to day. We need people like that in the world to remind us that life is good. That there is hope and that we can retain our innermost sense of play, wonder and adventure that we're all born with and tend to lose sight of along the way. 

Stay bright, Brady. You're wonderful! 


Love Aimlessly, My Friends


What gets you out of bed every day? 

Curiosity. Curiosity of the world around me, I suppose. It’s all different now having moved. Now there’s just so much to do.There’s a new challenge every day. I’m just always curious to see what the day will hold. I also just naturally jolt out of bed at 6:30 anyway. haha. 


To date, what is the greatest lesson that you’ve learned? 

Humility. ….ehhh… I don’t know. Actually, I retract that. I’m going to say self preservation. Going for myself first and not being afraid of that. To be selfish in a way. Selfishness as self-preservation. I think that it’s strange that it can be considered “selfish” to self-preserve. If you don’t then what can you have to offer to anyone else? You have to pull your own shit together before you can help anyone else. 


What is love?

Love is being wanted as opposed to being needed. Need is co-dependency. Love is to be wanted.


About Brady : Brady just moved to Nashville and is a professional hair stylist. Stop by his IG (Linked below) and say hello!



Lives in Nashville, TN

From Indianapolis, IN