Haley Sheffield

Haley and I met the night before we sat down to have a conversation and shoot her 104. We have some mutual friends that she was in town visiting and we all just happened to run into one another. “Chris, you have to talk to Haley.” I had more than one person say to me that evening. 

I seem to keep meeting people who are at the beginning of a new life chapter. Maybe it’s the universe sending them my way or perhaps it’s just the fact that so many of us are turning pages. 

Haley is healing right now. She’s chosen to listen to her heart and give it what it needs. When we do that our heart grows and it has to shed its old skin to do so. That new skin is delicate and tender. It’s susceptible to the elements of our lives. It needs time to adjust, but the joy and growth that come from doing so is far worth the healing time. 

I’m excited for Haley! I even congratulated her for something so often seen as a defeat butx really isn’t. She’s becoming her true self more and more each day, or as she puts it “Stepping into her own space.”
Sometimes, when people answer these 3 questions their responses to each one somehow seamlessly bleed into one another. Even without them knowing what the questions are. When this happens I feel like something special and unique is going on. A balance that we all strive for but that is so difficult to achieve. I encourage you to read what Haley had to say and apply it to your own life.

Thank you for your heart, Haley. Thank you for sharing it and being just who you are in the world every day!

Love Aimlessly, My Friends


What gets you out of bed ever day? 

It’s the thing that I still can not articulate well, but there has been a pulse in my life… a current of existence. I feel like every day meets me at this point of resonance that says “Yes. You’re supposed to.” I think what that has looked like lately has been so different, but on most days, even if they’re heavy and I wake up at 6:00 AM with anxiety and a broken heart, whatever that pulse is it’s still there saying “You have something to give.” It is never been defined by who I am or what I’m doing. It’s always been much deeper. I could say what gets me out of bed is that I’m here. I get to be here. I get to show up. Right now that looks incredibly hopeful and beautiful. Some days it does not feel that way, but it’s something that I’ve never been able to escape. I’m totally side-railed by wonder. Whether it’s a conversation or a song. Something in nature… it’s just not escapable. 


To date, what is the greatest lesson that you’ve learned?

There is a space where you can show up in every way that you are. Whatever that looks like, there’s a space for you. What the world actually wants of you and what existence demands of you is that you show up to that space, fully. It might wreck your life but it is it. I think that’s love for a lot of people.

It came out in music for me last year. And for the first time in a physical space. The room. The studio. That is only one expression of that space. You just realize the space that’s yours to claim; the shoes that you’re standing in. You get to stand there. Not only get to but it is anatomically what you’re here for. To be in that space. I do think that’s love too. I do think there is this force of life.

(I asked her to pause there as she was naturally going into the third question without knowing)


What is love? 

Haha! Yeah. I think that’s what it is! I wouldn’t even say that I could have asked for it. I don’t think that I would have even had the words to define what that looked like until I ran into it. Until I showed up inside of that space. Love is being in the space you’re meant for. 

Love between humans is someone else showing up in that space too. Not only not demanding that you be anything different but being a champion for you. The world wants you to exist for everything that you are, and I believe that’s what love between people looks like. The people that love you the most wouldn’t want anything more from you than for you to show up fully as yourself in the space that is yours.


About Haley :  Hayley is a musician and photographer. You can view her work here: haleysheffield.com


Lives in Atlanta, GA

From Warner Robins, GA