Toran Turner

Creative. Unique. Beautiful. Confident. Magical...?

Some people you just can't sum into words. You can say all that they do and all that they are and even how they impact you emotionally but you will never begin say enough for another person to understand the depths of them until they themselves meet them. Toran is one such person. 

Toran had one of the shorter interviews I've done but also one of the most impactful. This is so because of the immense conviction with which he spoke. He has poured his heart and mind into who he is and what his space is here in life.

That alone is something that we should all take to heart! To truly know yourself and give yourself to the world for all that you are! The bravery and courage that takes is insurmountable. Make certain to real all that Toran had to say and you can see more of his images and video from our shoot below. 

Love Aimlessly, My Friends


What gets you out of bed every day? 

Knowing that I am my ancestors wildest dreams. Knowing that I am the black sheep of my family. Knowing that I am Change keeps me going and creating. I’m doing things that couldn’t have been done before. That gets me up every day. Creations are just going and flowing. 

When I asked him more about his ancestors:

My granddad’s side of the family is Native American. It’s hard for me to talk about because it was really deep and emotional time for my familie's life. We had to decide if we wanted unity or to fight for ourselves. My grandaddy made the decision to start life over again for his family. He ran away from home to be on his own and be free. I run with that. That’s why I say that I’m the Face of Freedom. My dad named me Toran which means Chief. It gives me drive and lets me know that my dad thought about me. It hard for me to verbally express myself because I would rather show it than tell it. Anybody can tell a tale. 


To date, what is the greatest lesson that you’ve learned? 

That I can’t help everybody. Even though I want to heal everyone in my heart, I know that I can’t. I can’t heal or please everybody. I’m a giver more than a receiver. My weakness is being too kind-hearted and that can keep my back from living my dreams. How can I help someone out if I’m not helping myself first? That’s my lesson from 2016. It was a really difficult one because I had to cut a lot of friends off that weren’t healthy for me. 


What is love? 

Love has no meaning until you create it. Love is your belief. Love is what you’re passionate about. Love is to each his own god. Love is healing. Love is freedom. Love is power. Love is indomitable. Love is me. Love is we. Love is sacrifice and sacrifice is love. And the world lacks it. 


About Toran : Artist, unisex model, actor, real-life avatar, beautiful soul. 


Lives in Nashville, TN

From Chickasaw Tennessee