Ally Jones

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This sweet woman! She is so very dear to me and to our family! If you happened to read the entry before with Stephen Jones, you're now meeting the joy and wonder that is his wife, Ally. 

Like Stephen, she is chosen family. Someone that I could not imagine my life without. Having her participate in a project that is so very dear to my heart is an honor! 

Over the years of knowing just Ally herself, I have watched her learn and grow so much as a person! The natural heart she has for others has only gotten larger and now seeing her as a mother is... well it's breathtaking. 

Ally is often a kid at heart. Even during our shoot she had to take a moment to just jump around to expel some energy and center herself again. At the same time, she's quick to bring it down to a real level and explore the vastness of humanity through conversation. 

Smart, quick, funny and passionate, she's a joy and a light to all those around her and that applied to her as a mother can only yield amazement. You're a spectacular woman, Ally, and we love you to pieces! 

Love Aimlessly, My Friends


What gets you out of bed everyday?

You know... I'm in such a weird season of life right now, being a new mother. Before Euey I would have had a different answer. Now that he's here that answer will be totally different. There's no going back. I'm forever changed. 

I think now what gets me out of bed every day is... him! I don't know how to say it more eloquently, but him. Seeing him smile and watching him grow. Hand in hand with that is being a part of what's happening in out business. Those are huge driving forces in my life and they excite me. Even though I've been up every hour of the night with Euey, I'm still excited once the morning light peaks in to get up and greet the day and do life with Stephen and Euey. I'm just really excited to keep watching life change and grow every day. 


To date, what is the greatest lesson you’ve learned? 

Oh Jesus. That it's okay to pause. That awkward silences aren't awkward. It's okay to have space and time to pause between thoughts. Not only in conversation but in life. You don't constantly be doing something. You can pause, and rest and reset. 

I used to struggle a lot with that, especially in conversation. I still do. I can have so much anxiety in social interactions. A lot of that anxiety came from thoughts of "Am I saying the wrong thing?" "Am I saying the right thing?" If I speak too quickly I find myself saying a lot of things and not taking the time to think through what I mean to say. 

I learned that from Emily. That taking the time to pause is not only okay but good. To reflect on what you're going to say. It's been a huge lesson that I've taken and learned from her and then applied to life. I feel more at peace in social situations from that. It's also come to be a lot of help in conversations with Stephen. 

I had my first social interaction since having Eugene a couple of weeks ago. Leading up to that I had the shakes, and was nervous and sick to my stomach.  I hadn't been around unfamiliar people in quite a while prior to that. I was anxious. I had to remind myself to pause. That it's okay to do that. 


What is love?

I've thought a lot about this. I think that it's gong to be different for every person based on their perceptions of the world and the experiences that they've had throughout their life. For me love is... so many things... on my god! 

Love is life a Choose Your Own Adventure novel. You take risks in love. You feel love. Love is an emotion that you feel deep inside of you. I can find myself just looking at Stephen and suddenly just be overwhelmed with this giddy emotion of excitement and anticipation and there's all the emotions that fall into that itself, I suppose. 

Love is risky. You put yourself on the line when you choose to love another person. You can get hurt in love, a lot.

Love is... What is love? Love is wonderful! Love is a choice. Love is hard. Love is also very easy. 

I have so many different experiences with love. My family fostered and adopted. I have a lot of siblings that I love and that I choose to love. I love them through their challenges and through their heartache and through what they've been through. I love them! It's a choice every day. I've also grown in love with them. "In love" meaning, I adore my sister. We have many similarities and our love has grown over the last 10 years that we've been together. 

I feel like I'm somewhat battling with this question because there's so so SO much! 

When I think of love I think of so many different experiences that I've had. With you and Emily... This love that I have for you guys in like a full... a new... a different type of love than I've even experienced with my brothers and sisters. 

The love that Stephen and I have is a fierce love. When I think about it there has been a lot of choosing every day to pick each other up and keep going. Then there's those days when it's so easy and beautiful and so charming! Then I look at Eugene... there's no question! Like... what is that love?!  I'm still learning what that love is! It's a whoooolle other type of love! 

Motherhood is trippy in that aspect. 

I can't really put words to exactly what love it. It's all of those things. It's scary, it's real, it's exciting, it's hard, it's a choice, it's risky, it hurts, it feels so good, it's rewarding... It's all of those things. It's all-encompassing. It's everything. You can see love in everything if you look hard enough for it. 


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