Zachary McGinty

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So much of our interactions with others are self-reflection based. It seems to be our key means of understanding one another (and also is wrapped in our un-understanding of one another) and plays such a crucial role, often behind the scenes of our subconscious. 

I try to be very aware of myself and in the present. I also try to remember where it is that I've come from, the experiences that I've had and what I've gone through and learned to become the person that I am today. 

Talking with Zach was very reflective for me. I was about the same age as Zach when I really started pouring through my life and structurally questioning everything in and about it. That lead to some changes. Difficult ones that had an affect on not only me but others around me. Seeking your own truth is no easy task. Looking at your like and being honest with yourself about what you really see is a difficult thing to do as it often means that to live in the honesty you must make hard decisions. So you're left to decide if you'd rather continue to live the lie, now knowingly or if you're going to bite the bullet and do what you know in your heart of hearts to be right.

This is where I see Zach to be, and it could be merely projection, but I should clarify that this is not at all a negative place to be. In fact it's fantastic! What I've found, some years down the road now is that you never really lose that questioning once you begin. The answers that you find only lead to more questions and round and round you go. As long as you're okay with not knowing everything and okay with the idea that what you know as truth currently could sometime be proved different this is a beautiful state of being. Not without it's hardships, but it's honest and true. Zach describes this as "tension". It's as good a word as I have to describe it. 

The idea of being content in the moment of your current knowing and longing for what you will know soon. 

Love Aimlessly, My Friends


What gets you out of bed every day? 

Waking up in a place of contentment and wanting to experience life in that state of contentment and a state of peace. To give life to others as well. There’s also an anxiousness to learn or experience something new and receive life and growth from that. Receive understanding.

I guess it’s tension. The tension of feeling content but also desiring to grow and to change. The tension of truth. Having my truth but also having that truth evolve. Having the tension of being fulfilled but also being fulfilling to others and finding peace in that. Peace is a big thing for me. There are times that I wake up and I’m super anxious, not in a good way, and I have to restore that peace in whatever way that I can. Whether it’s sitting and having coffee and contemplating life or doing some yoga, or talking with my roommate.


To date, what is the greatest lesson that you’ve learned? 

An important lesson that I’ve learned is to make certain to take time to pause. Ask yourself the real questions. The “why” questions and then listen, be open and reflect. 


What is love? 

I think I’m definitely still figuring that one out. Ha! I was thinking about this earlier actually. A big part of it for me is acceptance. Of someone… something… even myself… looking at everything without judgment and without condition. Whether there’s complete agreement or not, just accepting and appreciating. I think that there’s also a tension for me in the accepting as well. The challenge of pushing to grown and change. To promote the best in someone else or myself. 


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