Matthew Perryman Jones

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I remember when I first met Matthew. It was at a birthday party soon after Emily and I had moved to Nashville. He and Molly Parden did a small acoustic set in a living room. I don't think that there was one person listening that didn't have tears in their eyes. 

This sitting and conversation was the first time that Matthew and I really had a heart to heart and I seemed to catch a glimpse into the soul that showed itself that evening that we first met and made people weep. 

His answers very much resinated with me on a personal level and it is for this reason that I encourage people to read everyones answers. We can find similarities and comparable traits in most anything or anyone that let us understand a little more about ourselves but if we're open to the discovery we'll occasionally find others who aren't simply similar but more the same. It's a beautiful feeling. It doesn't fix anything but it's a scope to see that we aren't alone in how week exactly feel. Sometimes that's enough. Sometimes that is everything. 

This project keeps teaching me things, especially about human connection. I don't expect that I'll walk away from Project 104 with a formula of human connection. At best, a bit more experiential understanding and a hell of a lot more love ad appreciation for it. 

Please read what Matthew had to say and make certain to not only listen to his music but catch him live if you have the opportunity. He's one hell of a human-being! 

Love Aimlessly, My Friends


What gets you out of bed everyday?

Ha! The tea pot. Really though… I guess it’d be easy to say “my kids” which is functionally true but I know what you mean. What gets you up and into life. It’s an interesting question and it’ll take me a second to answer it. I’ve struggled with that. I’ve asked myself that same question because I don’t wake up necessarily with just this swollen sense of possibility. I used to when I was younger, which I thought was great. I think a lot of that is youthfulness, but I don’t think that we should lose that. I think that I lost that along the way. Just that sense of “I can’t wait to get up and get on with it!” 

Essentially, what gets me up out of bed is that same possibility. It’s not in the same sense that it once was, like a hunger or a need, but I do wake up with idea of “What can I find today?” Either in myself or in other people. 

I really want to think about this because I want to give the truest answer. It’s almost like a quiet obedience. If I can wake up in enough time I like to be able to just sit. I’ll make a cup of tea and just sit. It may be mediation or reading… Some form of being still and quiet for at least 15-30 min if I have the time. I usually wake up with a pretty quiet sense about me and I want to go sit with that and see what’s happening. 

So I guess what gets me up is wanting to listen and find something in that. A lot of times I’m not finding anything other than the quiet and even that’s great. I try to take that throughout the day. I want to pay attention and be aware and awake. I want to discover the subtitles that are waiting and otherwise easy to pass by. 


To date, what is the greatest lesson you’ve learned? 

The biggest thing that I’ve learned… and how do I say this without being cliche?… Like “Follow your heart.” There are things to cliche’s like that. You’ll have an experience and then be like “Ohhh. That’s what that really means!” 

The biggest thing that I’ve learned is to follow my intuition. My intuitive knowing of things. Always. There are times when you’ll have things presented to you and you’ll say “Wow! This is a really great option!” But your intuition warns against it, and then you start rationalizing to make the decision agains your intuition. I’ve always found that my intuition is right. Weather it looked good or not. Listening to that and following it will keep you on your path. Any time that I start to rationalize a decision when I have a sense about it it’s the wrong way. Always. I’m would be opposing something on my intuition that it already knows. I’m more and more convinced that that’s so essential. This takes listening though. Intuition isn’t some special gift. We all have it. Some are just more naturally honed into it. I’ve found that to be the case with myself. My friend and I call it the spidey sense. I’ve always been that way. 

Listen to that and follow it. There’s nothing spectacular about that answer but to really trust your self, your heart will steer you right. Listen, trust and act. It keeps me true to myself. 


What is love?

Wow… What is love? The first thing that comes to my head is an image and it’s the difference between this and this. (Motions with hands: Closed fists and then open palms.) Love is this… Love is palms open. Where as the opposite, which I think is fear, is hands clinched. Love is open. Love for me is openness. It’s space. 

I don’t so much see it as a feeling. When I was young I thought my being enamored with everything was love but that’s just being enamored with everything. It’s not love, necessarily. If I’m in that state of openness It brings love to everyday happenings. Such as if I approach someone in fear it’s more “Who are you?” Versus approaching someone in openness it’s more “Who are YOU?!” 

That’s was I perceive as love. A state of openness. Also a willingness to be hurt. To be vulnerable. Not closing myself off to whoever someone is, even if it’s not something that I prefer.


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