David Latimer

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The world needs people like David. People that in one moment think very literally and practically and then will a moment later turn all of it on its head to conscious dreaming. Really great things lie somewhere in the midst of that. 

When I met David, we were barely past "hello" before we were deep into life and human conversation. Not a bad way to start things off as far as I'm concerned. There's a lot to be said about David, but I would rather his words give you the first impression of him. I will say that he's a man of passion and purpose and that his mind never stops turning. 

I'd encourage you to read what he had to say and to think about it for your own life. I would also encourage you to have your own conversation with David should you get the chance. 

Love Aimlessly, My Friends


What gets you out of bed everyday? 

The tongue and cheek answer is biology. Regardless of how I'm feeling, all of the intricate machinery of cells, blood and matter that is is a body. 

One of the defining characteristics of nature is its ceaseless ability to find balance. 

Nature isn't always harmonious. If you look at the era that we live in... The amount of resources that we have... We, as humans have the ability to transcend our own currant state of evolution and to be able to cultivate and create that balance and spread it out more equitably than ever before. 

As observed in the ethics of nature and morality, life, and all sentient beings deserve to avoid suffering equally. 

I am a white, male. Born into a good family. Educated. Articulate, charismatic and good-looking. I didn't do jack shit to earn or deserve any of that. We're so presumptive in America to think that we just deserve it. It's an unconscious thing that we do all the time. It's something that I see myself do and I've lived in Africa for a year. I grew up seeing poverty and was trained to pay attention to it and was trained to look at how to serve people who are in a worse situation than we are. Still, everyday, it's a struggle for me to remember to be grateful. To remember that I don't deserve to be where I'm at any more or less than anyone else. 

So aside from biology... I think what gets me out of bed is trying to cultivate that equanimity. Cultivating that equilibrium.

The status quo, or the entrenched power, as it is and has been for thousands of years serves me. It places me in the apex. In the .0001% elite, simply because of how I was born. That's fucking bullshit. I'm tired and I want to eradicate that. Any way that I can... On any level or scale that I can. I want to see socio-economic equality. I want to see gender-equality, and actual racial-equality. 

That's it. Fighting for equanimity. 

We have such an abundance of resources. Our ability to spread that out over people is greater than it has ever been before. We already live in the freest and healthiest era of human history, but we still have a long way to go. It really is obtainable. 



To date, what is the greatest lesson you’ve learned? 

From what I say, I'd like to be able to distill it down into one or two sentences. It's an important practice for me not to inscribe absolute certainty into what the few end sentences say. 

I'd say, in short the vastness of the universe is the most important thing that I've realized. The power of the myths that we live in such as that humans are over dominion of the earth. "This is ours and it's here for us" is possibly the single most dangerous myth in our history. 

Realizing that consciousness, our own experiences... the things that we live, die, kill, eat, breath, and fuck for, is just nature happening. It's not the ultimate. It's just one mouse-fart in the wind of nature at its becoming. To remember that nobody really knows what's going on. At the simplest level it's all just energy flowing through matter. 

Remembering that our minds are a part of nature happening and the one thing that we can actually control is how we choose to respond to the stimuli in our lives. Even the most proactive of our actions and our thinking is and can never be anything more than a reaction to an almost infinitely complex series of stimuli that we have no control over whatsoever. 

Acknowledging that we are a part of nature happening, that the mind has no authority over anything but the one thing that we do have the ability to control is our freedom of thought. The story we choose to tell ourselves consciously or not. To witness without judgment. 


What is love? 

I think because I was raised Christian, the first thing that comes to mind is 1 Corinthians 13;

"Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. It does not dishonor others, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres."

Basically, love to me is the acknowledgment ones own incessant compulsion and desire to fulfill ones own mind, impulses and drives, and setting those things aside for the greater good, be it an individual, or a collective. It's changing the framework of our focus and the way we act consciously so serve those around us in a way the benefits them, using our imagination. Whatever skills or resources that we have to benefit them. 

Good intentions don't do a damn thing for anybody if they're not carried out in a way that benefit those they're intended for according to those they're intended for. 

The willingness to sacrifice ones own everything, including ones own life, prospectives and drives for the well-being of the greater good. 

Letting go of our addiction and attachment to our symbols. 


About David :

Life Investigater/Entrepreneur - current venture is tiny house builder/designer

Lives in Nashville, TN