Kirby Lee

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I only had a few moments with Kirby. She’s smiley, quiet and a bit shy. It’s generally the quiet ones that I wonder about the most. No matter how much they tell me I’m always wondering what else is there. A kind of code to crack. 

I did really enjoy getting to know her the little that I did. We spent some time in her favorite room in her home, which is covered in light-catching prisms, candles, insightful reading, and a collection of all sorts of items that all seem to have a significant meaning. Also, all of the walls are bright yellow. 

The room brings her peace. “It’s hard to be upset at all in a bright yellow room” she said to me as we were discussing it. She’s right. Surrounded by warm bright color, and rainbows reflecting around the walls from light shining through the prisms… you could only be so upset in a space like that. If you could be upset at all. 

I often ask my subjects about a space that is a reflection of them and I couldn’t have imagined a more perfect space for Kirby. 

Kirby, than you for sharing such a wonderful place, but more-so, thank you for sharing your heart and mind! 

Love Aimlessly, My Friends


What gets you out of bed everyday? 

I think gratefulness. Since I was little, I’ve made a habit of reminding myself what I’m grateful for.  I can get easily stressed out and overwhelmed. I think it’s just the nature of the work I do. Every day I’m reminded to feel grateful and wake up and try to fight through that anxiety.
Last week, Claire (her roommate) was taking care of me because I had a bad back. I couldn’t move for a week. It’s funny how you take that for granted. I was so grateful to have her there to help me! 

Yeah. Gratefulness is what gets me up!  


To date, what is the greatest lesson you’ve learned? 

To just be curious. Be curious about people. Growing up I was taught to always learns as much as you can about the people around you. Knowing and learning from other people and caring for them, and I think that curiosity encourages that connection. 


What is love? 

I think that love is selflessness. Having a oneness with someone and being able to be intuitive about them. It really is a hard thing to define. Selflessness and connectivity. I’m still learning how to find that balance. 


About Kirby :

From: Virginia

Lives in: Nashville, Tn. 

Artist management at Electric Lady studios