Elisabeth Donaldson

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If you have ever been in the same building with Elisabeth, you probably knew it. Even if she were in a moment of quiet thought you would still find her in a crowd of people. “Vibrant” is a word that may come to mind when you see her. Some people, even to their credit, can walk amidst us, and even do great things unnoticed. We need quiet heroes such as these. Still others… other you see coming from a mile away, with sun rays beaming from their face and joy from their hearts. Chances are they’re dancing as they make their way toward you. That’s Liz. 

Even at 5:30 in the morning, this energy and zest for life that she possesses just won’t be contained! It’s pretty remarkable! I think that it’s easy for us to think that glowing souls such as hers don’t often also come accompanied with great and expansive minds full of thought and contemplation. That they just gleefully skip through life, and we’d be in the wrong to think so. Liz and I sat in my jeep for at least two hours after our shoot going over not only the three questions but just life in general. 

I really enjoyed hearing all of her insight and I really loved how all of her answers became a perfect balance in the end. It really says something about how great of a human she is! 

She’s a talented one, that one, and completely speaks to the greatness that we as humans can be! To name and talk about all of the things that Elisabeth does would be another post of its own. She’s a go-getter! 

Dive into her thoughtful answers and contemplate them for yourself. I know that I will. You'll also finds many more images and a video below as well. 

Love Aimlessly, My Friends


What gets you out of bed everyday? 

I deeply want people to have their own certainty and their own understanding of their own purpose. If I can do that myself, and live that myself, and create an environment where others can do that for themselves that’s what I want to do every day. 

You have to chase your goals and chase your purpose as hard as you fucking can!

We live in a world that tells us, in various different ways, to die. It’s summing people up into “You’re a body. You’re a car. You’re a house. Don’t feel. Take this pill. Don’t cry, you have depression. Go work at the bank. Go to college. Learn to be a cog in a wheel. Live in a house. Have two children. Pay taxes. …And die.”

“Oh, you wanna chase that dream? The economy is bad. You wanna be an artist? That’s not so smart.” Just death everywhere. 

I think that’s why it’s so important for those of humanity that are awake and aware to flourish and fucking prosper. Those that do set a powerful example for others! Because you lived… Because you succeeded and are alive… Because you didn’t listen to that bull-shit status quo of nonsense out there, and you just went after your purpose with all that you have and didn’t listen to anyone who was naysaying… then someone else can see that and possibly be given permission to live from witnessing your example! That’s so important! 

Everything that we ever need to know to be our true selves is already within us. We just have to realize it! 



To date, what is the greatest lesson you’ve learned? 

I think my greatest lesson is that you have to honor your own integrity and keep your own counsel. Know that what is true for you is true for you. I think that if most of us were to examine our lives we would find that the spots in life that we got into trouble would be in the times that we violated our own personal integrity. 

I think that we don't always realize how easily we can do that. It could be something as simple as taking a job that you knew you should take. It may be a great job, but you knew you shouldn’t take it. 

Everything in life is on a gradient. We improve and become more aware gradiently and we slip and become asleep on a gradient scale as well. 


What is love? 

I think that love has been made so complicated. For me, I think that it’s pretty simple. It’s completely and totally granting another person the permission to be. It’s wanting and assisting in the desire for others to achieve the very best versions of themselves. 

It’s not that you get to tell people what they should be, but when you truly want that for someone you don’t want them to be what you want. You just want them to be their very best self. Happy and healthy in all that that means for them. You want them to live with purpose as themselves. 

It’s interesting how all of my answers are within the same vein. It makes sense but it’s cool to see. 

“What gets you out of bed in the morning?” I Want people to be themselves!

“What’s the biggest lesson that you’ve learned?” To be myself!

“What is love?” To let other people be themselves! 


About Elisabeth :

From Eureka, CA


Artist, actress, humanitarian