Josh Ulmer

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I've always enjoyed spending time with Josh. Our conversations go from "How's it going" "The meaning of life" in a second. We've shared dreams, wishes, frustrations and even heartache in the relatively short time that we've known one another. I knew that whatever his answers would be to the Project 104 questions would be honest and heart-felt and they certainly were. 

Love Aimlessly, My Friends


What gets you out of bed everyday? 

That’s been a hard one, lately. Since last November till now… it’s been a really challenging season of life. It’s almost like a daily battle. Even where to find motivation. I do want to get out of bed but finding motivation and how to approach the day. I feel like everything’s kind of in limbo right now. A lot of change and not knowing the direction of it. 

It may sound like a normal answer but honestly it’s been Amber and the kids more than anything. 

I’m not very motivated by wanting to work hard or wanting to be a better photographer. I’ve been thinking about what I want the day-to-day to look like for our family and what I want to experience with them. Figuring out how to move closer to that is motivation to get out of bed. 


To date, what is the greatest lesson you’ve learned? 

I’ve actually thought about this one a lot and the thing that I always come back to is:  trust the process. No matter what it is. 

Try to understand what can be learned from in the present moment. Sometimes that’s accepting that there’s times when things just can’t or won’t turn out how you want them to. It just is what it is. Learning to trust in every situation and that there’s always something to be learned. 


What is love? 

I think that love has been an evolving concept for me. Not necessarily changing though. As time goes on, relationships change. With friends. With Amber and my kids. My parents. Even for me, spiritually. There’s so much that’s encompassed within it. There’s an easy side of love and there’s a hard side that we often don’t want to look at. People say things like “Oh just love them.” That may be the answer but that can be a freaking hard answer! 

In a relationship aspect, love is really trying to understand the other person with a selfless point of view. You have to be in a good place with yourself. You have to understand and love yourself and realize your worth in order to give love well. There’s a huge part of love that’s completely selfless. 

Seeing the two sides of that is hard. Loving can be so easy, especially from a kids point of view, but as we go through different things in life it changes our reactions. When we’re loving others we very rarely initially think about what’s going on in their life. What’s happened to them to cause them to react in the way that they did. We start approaching it as a selfish thing instead of a selfless thing. 

If I hurt my kids feelings by the next morning they’re running in and jumping on the bed. They want to hug me and hang out with me. We don’t seem to do that very easily as adults. 

It’s a hard question to unpack. 

As a society, we try to make love so easy and maybe that’s why we don’t always get it right. Love isn’t always easy and it takes work.



About Josh :

35 years old

Photographer/Fitness Trainer

Lives in Nashville, TN