Kate Gazaway

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I met Kate my first week in Nashville. We’ve been friends ever since. I don’t get to hang out with her as often as I would like but I eagerly watch her on-goings such as her work with her non-profit, Picture Change. Kate has a heart of gold and a presence of warmth and humility. She also has one of the best jumps I’ver ever seen! (picture below) Upon first meeting her you’d never guess that she’s trekked all over the world in the name of love and art! 

Picture Change is an incredible project! It’s one that I highly recommend that you look into and support! Her travel and experience have certainly shaped her thoughtful answers so make certain to read them as well! 


Love Aimlessly, My Friends


What gets you out of bed everyday? 

I feel like I’m one of the few people that’s been able to find what they love and pursue it. I recognize that that’s a rare gift so I don’t take it lightly. To know that I can do that every day, even if it’s boring computer stuff… emails and all that… which ends up being two thirds of my time. There’s that one third where I can hit my stride and I get to work with people doing Picture Change. I love that! Being able to connect with people in that way. 

To boil that down more fundamentally, what get’s me out of bed is: One, that I’m able to choose what I do with my life. Two, that it has value. 

I’ve been listening to this really interesting podcast called “Where There’s Smoke” and in one episode it breaks down “Walking in the woods on a snowy day” by Robert Frost. He speaks about where the two roads diverge and how it’s less about choosing the path less traveled than it is shaping yourself behind the choice that you made. You become the person walking down that path vs the person walking down the other. I don’t know if I explained that well, but if I’m walking down this path then I am becoming the person according to the path I’ve chosen and I love that. I like the person that I’m becoming and the person I am, for the most part. 


To date, what is the greatest lesson you’ve learned? 

I feel like it’s probably very cliche, but especially recently for me it’s recognizing and appreciating the brevity of life. We get dropped down in the middle of all this the stuff going on and what are we going to do with that and what’s around you? I’ve worked in daycares and in nursing homes so I have literally seen the span of life. I’ve seen how kids react to things and then see how adults on their way out react to things. 

I met this woman in Australia and she was with it and content! She helped other people and seemed really happy but she was like “I’m ready to die.” Because she was so happy and content it made me curious what brought her to that place. I think that it was that she was doing the best that she could every day and appreciating those around her. Having good meals and you know… all of those seemingly small things that end up making up the bulk of your life. Not just the big moments. 

I think that within my daycare to nursing home experience it’s been learning to appreciate what’s around you and not striving and straining. Having a healthy balance of being ambitious and content. 


What is love? 

Love is choosing to remain even when/especially when it requires sacrifice. Abiding. It’s like the difference of Hallmark Valentine’s day vs sticking with someone through disfigurement or something extremely difficult. I’ve seen a lot of that in my travels. People who remain vs people you can’t handle it. I’m still figuring out what that looks like for me personally, but yeah. 

Once I unknowingly did something that hurt a close friend. Later in the week we’d gone out for drinks she she was like “Hey Kate… I love you and this is important to me so this is why I’m saying it.” I’d had no idea that I’d hurt her and but it was worth it for her and I to go through the crap to hold on to the gold of it. That really meant a lot to me and I try to bring that to other relationships too. Who do you value and what are you willing to sacrifice for them?



About Kate :

30 years old

Founder of the non-profit Picture Change 

From Atlanta, GA

Lives in Nashville, TN