Theron Humphrey

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Say hello to Theron Humphry, or known by some as “This Wild Idea”.

We’ve never actually talked about it, but I think Theron and I started setting down roots in Nashville around the same time. Over the last few years he and I have slowly gotten to know one another. I’ve always appreciated that I can have a real conversation with Theron and don’t have to dance around small-talk, which I am horrible at. Earlier in the week I asked him if he’d like to participate in my project, to which he gladly agreed. 

We decided to meet at the home that he’s been building for himself over this last year. The walls are standing and you can see its beauty already but Theron’s new home still has a little ways to go. Despite that, and him not living there yet, it’s clear that it has already become a sanctuary for him and has taught him some lessons as well, which he talks about in his answers below. 

I’ve really loved hearing each and every person’s answers to these questions. They are always and avenue to jog your brain and think about the world from a different perspective. Part of Theron’s answers left me pleasantly pondering for a while. I won’t tell you which part, but I do encourage your to read what he had to say and see how you yourself might impacted. 

Love aimlessly, my friends.


What gets you out of bed everyday? 

I think for me it’s a desire to create something new. I’m definitely driven to make new work. There’s this… fire inside me that has to create something new every day. It falls somewhere between love and passion. That’s photography for me. 

It’s hard to quantify that or say exactly what that is or why it exists but I think we’re these creations (from my world view) from the image of God and I think part of that is a desire to make work. To do work. It could be to dig a ditch or build a house or take a photo. There’s just this innate characteristic of being human which is to not be idle with our time.


To date, what is the greatest lesson you’ve learned? 

I’m contemplating between two. One is learning how to see failure. I now see it as an opportunity to reevaluate and figure out how passionate you are about an idea. If you need to be persistent in it and change your directive and perspective on it and try again.

Being able to evaluate, understand and accept failure quickly and not linger on it or see it as defeat. Rather see it as opportunity to recalibrate and do something better.

How that’s tangibly manifested in my life, five or six years ago I did what launched me onto that path that I’m walking on now and that was a documentary that I created called “This Wild Idea”. I submitted it to Kickstarter for funding and they originally denied the project. It was a real blow because this was something that I really wanted to do and that I really believed in. Instead of going “Well, I tried.” and being defeated, I instead said to myself “Well, I love this idea and I believe in it. What if I shoot the video and really prove to them that I’m serious about this?”

I shot the video and played out the story even more simply and clearly and it was approved. I think they then took me seriously and as being committed to the idea. That was a super important lesson. 

The second big lesson of my life has been learning to be patient. Historically I have not been a patient person. You know… when I have an idea I want to go create it and do it and get it done, which, I think a lot of times is a wonderful blessing and something that I think in appropriate proportions can bring a lot of fruit. I’ve got that TCB kind of fire in me! Taking Care of Business! As I’m getting older I’m seeing the space and necessity of patience even more important. Even building this house over this past year has been an incredible opportunity to let go of control and to be patient! 


What is love? 

Hmm. That’s one of those questions where the words are so simple to say and ask but the explanation is so difficult. For me, I think it may be easier to explain times that I have felt loved instead of trying to define it. Which maybe are not mutually exclusive but possibly a little bit simpler and of course, off the cuff. 

If I could distill it down, for me, when love has manifested itself, it’s like a very strong sense of belonging and not being alone. Maybe that’s still too vague, but there’s a couple of times that I have just felt this very true sense of love. I was on the road, traveling, and living out of my truck for a whole year. I was very broken from a breakup and there was this moment that I was praying one night and it felt like God came down and hugged me! Even though I was physically alone I got this strong sense of belonging. That felt like love! 

Love between humans, I think is totally based on time. Wherever you put your time is something you love. I’ve found that to be very important. If you’re not willing to sacrifice your schedule or what you want to do you’re probably not showing love the best way you can. There’s a really big component of denying ones self when it comes to love. I know that’s a really big piece of it.


About Theron :

32 years old


From Pollocksville, NC

Lives in Nashville, TN