Cale Glendening

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Cale and I met a few years back by pure chance. We were both trying to trespass and shoot at the same place. Fast forward and our paths have crossed several more times and a friendship formed. 

There are boundless things that you could say about Cale, and all of them wonderful. His talent and drive as a director and cinematographer are unparalleled. He’s a source of inspiration for so many and has a pure heart. 

In true fashion to his nature, we set to shoot at sunrise by the water. I woke up this morning and immediately noticed the cool blue light of morning starting to creep though my bedroom windows. 

“SHIT!” Was my next thought.

That meant that my alarm hadn’t gone off and I was waking up at the moment that I was supposed to be on location. Sure enough I had texts from Cale asking where I was. I felt especially bad as I have been on the other end of that very scenario many times. 

I rushed out the door and was on location just as the tail-end of sunrise. Naturally I was a little anxious and annoyed with myself and I tried my best to not let it take effect on my mood and therefore the mood of the process of the shoot and interview. In the end I had to take a few moments to simply sit and take in the beauty that we were placed in front of. 

It was a good quick reminder to me on many levels. One… double check your alarm clock! Two, this set further in reality my own responsibility to do anything within my power to create a safe and comfortable emotional atmosphere for my subjects. I’d failed at this this morning, and had Cale himself not been so understanding (and I’m certain used to dealing with those kind of situations) it could have gone poorly. 

We shot and talked for a couple of hours before finally going to get breakfast. I’m always eager to talk with Cale about anything. We can geek out on gear, business, art, and just life in general. I don’t know about him, but I always walk away with more to think about and drive to do more. 

Cale is another person that I love knowing is out in the world every day. Be certain to read his answers and also look though his beautiful work! 


Love Aimlessly, my friends


What gets you out of bed everyday? 

I mean… many things dude. I’m a lover. heh heh… What I do… Creating… aspiring to be a filmmaker… I wake up and get out of bed ready to go put that into action! I love creation. I love waking up and going outside. I love life in general. I like getting up super early before anyone else just ‘cause I love that calm of the morning. The easing into your day. That could come from just always being on set and having super early call-times. Maybe that and traveling abroad. Sleep is tough doing that, so you’re always waking up early.

Really, I guess my brain just fires better in the morning. I love waking up to go write. It’s relaxing. 

A lot of things get me up out of bed, but I think just me being someone who enjoys life and wanting to take advantage of the one I have… that’s enough to get my ass out of bed early every day. I have a lot to look forward to. A lot I want to accomplish. Knowing that it’s possible makes all of it exciting. That helps. If I didn’t believe in what I was doing I would fuckin’ sleep and wouldn’t put half the effort in.

I think there’s a general laziness, especially in the artistic community, and I think that comes from people not truly believing that they can get what they want. If they did they would give it every priority!



To date, what is the greatest lesson you’ve learned? 

That’s tough man. That’s tough to say that off the cuff. There are may things that come to mind but I think ‘Patience’. Patience… the whole “One day at a time. One step at a time.” 

My dad gave me some advice early on when I was going through a really rough time. Instead of looking at what you want to achieve in 30-40 years just take it one day at a time. Look at today as one step closer. That helped bridge that gap. 

Then also, I would say something that I learned from playing sports. “You’re only as good as the work you put in.” You know what I mean? So many people want this. Want that. What this. Want that! But they’re not willing to put in the time, the work and the effort to achieve it. That’s crazy!

Playing sports, I had to work my ass off every single day to be a good athlete and the guys that were better than me put in more time than me. I could see who was better and why they were better. So I know that there’s no excuses at the end of the day to not achieve what I want. It comes down to if I’m willing to work for it or not. That’s why I’m “relentless.” Take any athlete. Especially someone who trains for the olympics… that’s what they do every. single. day. for years. Apply that to anything. If you want to be a master of your craft you have to practice. 



What is love? 

Love for me was inherent. I don’t remember a time where I flipped a switch or had to be taught to love. I always remember being caring. Like… doing things for me family. Doing things for my friends ‘cause I love making them happy. Then as I got older and experienced heart-break and loyalty. Finding out what those meant and how much loyalty and trust meant to me… 

The basics of it come doing to treating someone else how you would want to be treated. Having that respect is love. To me it’s someone else considering you and your feelings. When people are rude, or disrespectful or not courteous, it’s self-involved and that’s not love. So I guess love is giving in a way. 

I do know that no person can live without love. Period. If you felt that you have no love from anyone you wouldn’t want to live. It’s the only thing that keeps us alive. Love from someone or something It is the strongest feeling that we possess and without it there’s no life.   



About Cale :

30 years old

Director, Cinematographer, Writer

From Muskogee, OK

Lives in Los Angeles, CA


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