Annie Brown


I have the pleasure of knowing Miss Annie Brown as my neighbor. Though I am just now getting to know her, she’s already impacted and impressed me greatly! It was a joy and pleasure to learn a bit about Annie’s life. Born and raised in Nashville, she worked at the hospital where she met her husband. Mother to 3 children and fostered 8 others though college. Grandmother to 3 now grown young men. Today, she’s still spreading her joy and light around. I know that I can walk across the street to say hello and be treated with a warm smile and a sweet “Hey. How you doin’ ?” Something as simple as that goes a long way in the world. It’s contagious and I love every moment of it. Annie's heart and smile is a reminder for me to look at the world through those eyes. 

Aside from the questions that she was kind enough to answer for me, we talked a great deal about her family, good southern food that we were both raised on (mainly greens and cornbread) and a lot about the Golden Rule. 

Annie really takes pride in the neighbors that we have around us and told me many times how thankful she is that they are all so wonderful. I have to say that she is the only neighbor that I actually know on more than a “wave from the porch” kind of way. I spend most every day around many different people and when I’m home I tend to naturally use that space as a sanctuary and a place to recharge. I will certainly continue to do this, but getting to know Annie, even just this little bit, has really shown me that I may be missing out on the lives of some wonderful people that are literally right next to me.

What are we to measure the greatness of our lives with if we’ve none to share it with? 


What gets you out of bed everyday? 

The mercy of God! Yeah… He’s my Savior.


What is the greatest lesson you’ve learned? 

Go to church. Pray. 


What is love? 

You treat everybody like you want to be treated yourself. My daddy always told me that anything that wasn’t worth asking for wasn’t worth having. If you wanted something to ask for. If you don’t get it let it go.

About Annie B:

Born and raised in Nashville, TN

“About” 80 years old. (She wouldn’t tell me exactly. haha)

After working in a hospital, mothering 3 children and 8 foster children she now spends her days relaxing and being outside as much as she can.

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