Stella Jenkins


Stella is the second kid that I've photographed and talked to for this series. I really enjoy gaining the life perspectives from a child's eyes. I think that all of that is still within us, but we are so prone to cover it up with all of the baggage that we've acquired. 

I met with stella right after her drum lesson. Something she's been pursing for a few months now. She's super smart, talkative and very clearly full of honest love. Aside from her answering the questions, we talked a lot about cats, as we both love them. We also talked about the Gorillaz and how they have some of her favorite beats. "Clint Eastwood" is her favorite song. 

When I meet kids like Stella, I'm given hope for the world. I'm also reminded to try my best to look at things from an honest perspective and to enjoy the simplicities in life as we naturally do until we're "too grown up" to do so. 

Thank you, Stella! You rock!


What gets you out of bed everyday? 

Like on Saturday and Sunday… my cats because I really like to cuddle with them. They’re so fluffy! My cat is a Persian/Calico mix and she is a very weird cat. She’s very fat and she’ll lay on the arm of the couch and spread out her whole belly like a bear rug. My dad will play with her, ‘cause she’s right next to his spot and he’ll put his arm on her like an arm rest.

When she lays with me at night she sleeps on top of my face. She just covers my eyes. Like an eye mask. She’s like “You’re not allowed to see anything until 7:00 in the morning.”


What is the greatest lesson you’ve learned? 

My greatest lesson is… don’t harass cats or they will scratch your face! I had to get stitches right here [pointing to lip] because I was harassing my cat. She scratched me and I had to go get stitches. I have to go to two doctor’s offices. It was horrible! [whispers] I still harass them though. But now she’s better at not doing that. She puts up with a lot. I don’t get scratched as much. 


What is love? 

It’s when you really care about someone or something. Like… to take care of it and protect it, and you’re loyal to it.

About stella:

Stella is 8 years old lives in Nashville with her parents, Tracy and Steven.

Stella started taking drum lessons earlier this year and from what I heard I fully expect her to be a drum god pretty soon! 

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