John Christian Phifer

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 John Christian is truly a one-of-a-kind human being. It'd be difficult to completely put him into words, but I believe that reading his answers will give you a great insight. A man of many gifts and talents, and a practicing mortician, one of John Christian's most prominent projects is the Larkspur Conservation. Land he's procuring here in Middle Tennessee for sustainable burial and conservation. 

Loving and accepting in life and death isn't something easily done. To do it well takes strength and courage. Self awareness. Kindness. Love. All of these traits you will find in John Christian and more. If you do have the opportunity to meet him, please do! I would certainly encourage you to research his project. Larkspur Conservation truly is something special as is JC himself. 


What gets you out of bed every day? 

Human connection. Possibility. You know… What do you have but the present? I mean… it’s a challenge to live only in the present, but if you can master it and try to just remember to focus on right now. Don’t worry about anything else. Yesterday’s gone. Tomorrow’s not guaranteed. Just focus on right now. What can you do right now to make the best of your current situation? To improve upon your life and also improve upon other people’s lives and their experience.

I think you do that through human connection. Connection through source and nature and …the life. Life connection. Weather that’s with an animal, nature, a loved one, or a random stranger at the grocery store. That’s what get’s me out of bed.


To date, what is the greatest lesson you've learned?

The greatest lesson that I’ve learned, to date is to be grateful for every experience in life and every thing in life. Even if it’s not what you would have chosen. Just when you think things are… you know… you experience bad things and you have to take those moments and really tell yourself to be grateful for what you have. Even if it’s a bad moment... how can you be grateful for that experience? How does it shape you? How does it make you better? Its a hard one. How do you look at someone who’s mother has just died and say “Aren’t you grateful for this experience?” How can I be grateful in every experience?


What is love?

Love is that voice that you hear from your mother… from your partner… from your friend. Love is… the breeze blowing across your face just when you needed it. Love is… …an unremarkable energy found in all things that when it’s noticed by the human spirit can be quite remarkable. That is a hard question. What is love?  “Love is the foundation”. That’s that song. haha! “Love is a higher law.” U2 said it best. “Love is a temple. Love is a higher law.”


About John Christian:

From Camden, TN

Lives in Nashville, Tn

Executive director Larkspur Conservation

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