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When I'm setting up the time and date with people for Project 104, I often ask them where they like to be or what they prefer to be doing in times of thought or reflection. For Asaph, that is driving. He recently moved to Nashville from LA and I thought an early morning drive would be a perfect way to show him some of the subtle southern beauty around Nashville. We met at the Natchez Trace parkway, walked across the bridge and chatted while we enjoyed the morning air before the summers warmth and humidity took over. Quiet mornings in the country-side are so wonderful! The sounds you head, aside from the occasional passing car are ones of simple life and tranquility. The birds beginning to stir and the occasional song of a cricket that is still yet to settle back in from the night. Add to those things a cup of coffee and a thoughtful conversation and you're looking at one hell of a start to your day! I for one intend on having more mornings like this! 


What gets you out of bed every day? 

I’m going to bring this down like basic, basic… Honestly it’s just to make the world more beautiful. I think there’s a level of lost beauty. There’s a level of people just kind of going through a routine and not necessarily appreciating stuff that would normally make you awe and make you wonder and make you more curious. Ie. Where we’re at, standing on a bridge at like 7:25 in the morning. This is cool! We’re hangin’ out. Talking. That’s the beautiful stuff that the world needs to observe. I think people are naturally drawn to beautiful things. Things that are undeniable. I think the authentically raw and genuine beautiful things in life… you can’t deny them. With work… school… anything, just making your life beautiful and it having an affect on other people that makes their day better.


To date, what is the greatest lesson you've learned?

Wuff… That’s a big one! Hmm…. I think that it’s to keep things basic and enjoy the process. When I was a kid, everyone was like “This kid’s gonna be a millionaire by the time he’s 19 or 20.” I mean… Super high expectation… I wasn’t a prodigy or anything like that. I just graduated high school earlier and went to college at 16-17… but there was so much expectation that I was super overwhelmed and was trapped for a while. No productivity or effectiveness. At least to my understanding. Low and behold, what was actually happening was that I was growing as a person. 

The idea is just to keep things basic and simple. Don’t rush the process and learn to enjoy where you’re at right now. What you get our of the process can determine the “destination”. I think that’s the biggest lesson I think we can learn. We live in the United States of American where going and getting the things that you want and being bold about it. Manifest Destiny. “This is what I’m born to do and no-one is gonna stop me” “Whatever it’s gonna take” “If you don’t like me then get out of my way” Screw that. I think it’s about the process and the journey, which involves embracing brothers, sisters and friends and family. Growing together and bringing the best out of each other.


What is love?

[Referencing song:]  “Baby don’t hurt me.” haha!  Ahh… What is love? Man… I think we’re born to love. I think it’s the agent that truly makes us alive. I don’t think that you can be alive and not love anything. You have to love. It’s the number one ingredient of life. Not like physical or biological life, but life. The surroundings that you’re connected with. The people that you’re connected with. I think love is the life agent. The ingredient to being able to live fully and live interconnected with everyone. The agent that brings us all together and connects us to the “cosmos.” All of society. All if the entire world. Trees, plants… everything. Life agent. That’s love!


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Working in Real Estate and at Rolf & Daughters