Kathy McHugh

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If you were to ever know someone that was actually magical you would most likely know Kathy McHugh! I often look at people and think to myself, "Wow. You are out there in the world, every day, being you. I'm just seeing this small glimpse of it."

Sometimes that can be a pretty discouraging thought. On the flip-side, when you meet someone like Kathy and apply the same thought, there is little else that brings such a feeling of hope! I love knowing that Kathy is out in the world every day just being Kathy. Her doing that is making the world a better place! 

Please, read her answers to these three questions. She's more in touch with humanity that most of us would dare to dream of being. Thoughtful and honest, her answers will bring joy to your heart and give you a better way of viewing the world each day! 

Do yourself the favor of getting to know her more. Visit www.thegrowingconversation.com to find out more!  


What gets you out of bed everyday? 

It’s effortless for me at this point. Honestly. I have such a sense of life and aliveness that it’s effortless. I don’t set an alarm. I get my happy ass to bed when I’m ready at the end of the day and I just wake up. I wake up alive! It’s a really interesting journey that it’s been to arrive at this energy. There’s a sense of purpose from just knowing that I can't not be Kathy McHugh. So I get up and I do Kathy McHugh and there's a simplicity to that. It's been a long hard-won fight!   


To date, what is the greatest lesson you’ve learned? 

Ah!      TO  THINE  OWN  SELF  BE  TRUE ! Holy fucking shit! To be ME! The beauty... I mean... That is the only freedom that there is in life is to be true to myself and to honor that growth! To realize that I am a limitless soul named Kathy McHugh. To be true to that energy and to continue to watch it grow and open instead of living by some idea like "Oh I've arrived here" but to be true to who I am today! ...And to watch that open in some of the most surprising ways!  Including today. Just being a part of this project! I was like "Holy Shit! Life surprises me! I'm 47 years old. Chris, this bad-ass photographer and artist asked me to be a part of his project. I'm eating donuts and driving back to Nashville!" Hahaha! I'm not even worried about having my photo taken because I feel so free in the fact that... this is wonderful! Someone invited me, that I love, to be a part of their project! Of course I'm going to say yes to that! 


What is love? 

From a cosmic perspective, love, to me, is the essence of all. Of all! From a personal perspective, it's that dance on a human level that awakens that cosmic love, and there's such a beautiful intimacy that we experience within ourselves and with another human-being that enriches life to something that we can't imagine! Human love becomes devine in those moments when we're truly human. When we're present to each other. If I can honor my human experience then I can honor anyones and that is love! 


About Kathy:

47 years old

If you ask Kathy what she does she will reply:

"I help people remember who they are!"

From: Indianapolis, IN 

Lives in Nashville, TN