Wylder Smith


What gets you out of bed everyday? 

I… I have no idea. Probably Baron, because he’s the best brother.

    What do you like about being a big brother? 

That I get to snuggle-bear him! When he’s old enough I’m going to teach him to play Smash Brothers. 


What is the greatest lesson you’ve learned? 

Even if you don’t get something good you will eventually. 

    Do you have an example? 

Like um… Like on Pokemon Go we usually only get Pidgeies and Rattatas, which aren’t very good, but even if we get those things, the high the level goes me get more medals, and the more medals we have the further our little thing goes, that makes us go to higher levels which gives us cooler Pokemon. 


What is love? 

What is love?! Love is kindness! 

I was so excited to hang out with my man, Wylder, take his portrait and hear his answers to the three questions! I personally really enjoyed his answer to question two. I haven't personally jumped on the Pokemon Go train, but Wylder's understanding of patience is clearly greater than my own. Using Pokemon as his example what I heard from him more than anything is "Keep on going!"

We hear all the time how much we can learn from kids. It really is so very true. As adults we're in a constant battle to not allow ourselves to be corrupted by the world around us. Our heart starts out so pure and before we know it it's been covered in senseless concerns that seem so important in the moment, but in the grand view of life often don't matter at all. 

Kindness = Love




About Wylder:

Wilder is 6 years old and he lives in Nashville with his mom, Steph. His stepdad Bowe and his baby brother, Bear. 

He’s very excited to go back to school but right now is loving his video games and hanging out with his baby brother.

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