Moriah Claud


What gets you out of bed every day? 

Previously it would have been obligation. “I have to. I’m going to.” Now… it’s knowing that there’s more that I need to do. Both for myself and for the people that I love. Especially at this point in my life where I have such great loves. Yeah.


To date, what is the greatest lesson you've learned?

 I don’t want it to sound cheesy but probably that I’m stronger than I think I am. Having lived these 25 years and having gone through… enough. Just enough. 

I came out to my parents last July and it wasn’t even the hardest thing I’ve ever done. Ha! They told me recently that I’m not going to Heaven, and I will still go to see them. I’m stronger than even they think I am. That was a hard day. Looking them in the face again later knowing, knowing that’s what they think of me… but I’m still here.


What is love?

Ha! ahhh…. I would know how to answer that question….  …a year ago. I mean… love before a year ago was the people that I cold go to with… everything. Not even having to say anything. The reason why water is so calming to me… there was a point in the therapy that I was in that would calm me down… I told me two best friends about having be sexually assaulted. We were camping and sitting next to the water. I said, “I really have to tell you guys something.” and we all just cried. …and them we danced! And that was what love was. 

I think romantic love and love are so different, but it’s all the same too. It’s that relief when you find that person or those people that you just need. Love is what has us here in this car talking.


a poem by Moriah Claud

I was taught to be a certain kind of person, a piece
to fit in a place, but I'm not the missionary or the
mother or the little girl with lacy socks sitting
quietly in the second row.

I ran away, losing pieces between cushions or
thrown out with empty bottles until I couldn't tell
which way was forward or which socks were mine.

Isn't it a shame to find me here, far from my place
in the second pew, missing so many pieces? Some
days I miss the quiet place you planned for me,
but somewhere I lost the lace from my socks and
I'm a lot of things I wasn't supposed to be.

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