Patrick Rush


What gets you out of bed every day? 

I’m really terrible at getting out of bed. I think I’m definitely motivated by the tendency to feel useless if I have a day where I’ve not really don’t anything. Not a bunch of chores or anything like that, but I have to get out of my house at some point and be around people. Even if I’m just alone in public. That’s why I go to coffee shops a lot. 

I tend to wake up and lay in bed for a little while. Eventually I start feeling the need to be around people. That motivates me a lot.

follow-up question: To dive a little deeper into that, where would you say that necessity to being around people comes from? 

I am pretty empathetic and sensitive. I draw off of other people's emotions a lot. I think being around people just… feels good. I can feel others emotions and I really enjoy that. I think that’s one reason I like being in public alone. To just observe and soak up the emotional environment.


To date, what is the greatest lesson you've learned?

Hmm… That’s a good question. There’s one lesson that has really stuck with me, which came from something really simple. It was something that my high school photography teacher said, and I’m sure she didn’t mean for it to be this meaningful, but I’ve thought about it for years and it’s kind of defined the way I try to live to some extent. 

She was talking about the nature of photography and how you’re capturing a tiny little sliver of time. In that context she said “Every time you move, you get to reinvent yourself.” It’s because a photograph taken seconds later could be totally different. You’ve been reinvented in a matter of moments. 

I really took that to heart, both on a micro and macro level. It started making me very conscious and aware of my movements and how I presented myself. It also made me not stagnant. I was able to affect people’s perception of me by the way I was moving and talking. On a macro level, every time you literally pick up and move yourself to a different place, you don’t have to carry with you… anything. You can be a different person.


What is love?

mmm… I don’t know yet. Ha! No. I’m just kidding. …I mean… I don’t think I’ll ever fully understand. I don’t think anybody will. I think it’s a word that describes a broad range of things. Love is... maybe and ideal that we strive towards. I think it describes aspirations. Like we are aspiring towards good. 

In my experience with romantic love, it is very much an action. It’s about striving towards consciously and intentionally showing love or showing kindness and goodness.

Yeah… who knows. 

It’s almost more like beauty. There seems to be some universal understanding of what it is, but It’s almost impossible to describe what it is. There are cultural differences in what people think is beauty and what people think is love. It doesn’t always present itself as pleasant. Kind of how people see things that are decaying or dilapidated and can think it’s beautiful. I think that love can be similar in that way. It doesn’t always have to be perfect to be good. 


About Patrick:

26 years old. Multi instrumentalist and musician. Fiber artist. Barista 

Lives in Nashville, TN

From Virginia


What we were listening to:

The Hours is one of Patricks favorite films. One he's seen dozens of times. It's score was composed by the talented and mesmerizing Philip Glass. This is what Patrick chose when I asked him what he listened to in times of thought and reflection.