Cruella De Vil

She’s come a long way down. Her unnamed husband has gone. As to where, the grave or simply  from his misery, it’s unclear. Cruella now finds herself among the normal. The mundane and the “spotless”, if you will, fringes of society. 

Unable to let go of her frivolities, she clings tight to what was, even as she does laundry. Such as chore Miss De Vil would have never before dared touch. 

Wrapped in what is left of her fine jewels and wares, you’re likely to see around more. A bit less put together than she would care to admit, and without a chauffeur nor errand-boy to do her bidding. She’s still Cruella, but she’s in our world now.

On Creating Cruella: 

I met up with my dear friend and fellow artist, Elisabeth Donaldson one day a few weeks ago. We were meeting simply to catch up, which we did but were soon deep into ideas and fantasy. In the end, Cruella became quite the topic. 

This past Halloween, Elisabeth put together one of my favorite costumes I've seen. It was a beautiful take on Cruella de Vil. 

We decided that there should be more of Miss De Vil, but perhaps in a way yet unseen. 


The Cruella that Elisabeth and I are displaying is an alternate one. Image merging Cruella together with Lucile Bluth and you have something close to our character. 

She's fallen quite low from where she once perched. The only thing that she holds on tighter to than her furs, jewels and frivolities is her pride. 

Like any good project, we have a set of rules and variables. We've based our concept for Cruella's attire largely off of the original book, "The 101 Dalmatians".  From there, we're taking some modern liberties and always keeping with the idea of her fallen status. Everything is a little less perfect than it should be. A little off, but still De Vil. 

Below you can see the images from our first outing with Cruella. I'll be certain to include a few behind the scenes images and I'll be sure to take more of them next time, as Elisabeth in character as Cruella doing anything at all is amazing and often hilarious. (Like going to a taco truck, which we did after we shot) 

I can't wait to share with you all what Cruella is dong next. In due time. The series continues.