Snow Day

Today, Nashville awoke to another snow. No more than 4" from what I can tell, but it's enough to all but shut an unprepared southern city down. 

I sprung out of bed at 6:30, looked out the window and decided that today would be spent on the computer at home. Already feeling antsy, I decided to first have some fun. 

I set my camera on a tripod and engaged the timer. I placed one strobe above my head and adjusted the camera settings to 

2.5 sec exposure, 22f, at 100iso

With remote in hand, I clicked the shutter and manually fired the flash several times. within a few short minutes I had added an additional two strobes, both controlled separately and had also started flaring the lens with the iPhone flashlight and a laser pointer. It was a mix of intentionality and chaos.

Below are some of the images taken in the process. All are unedited and straight out of camera as you see them.