Please Read. Please Consider.

Kathy is a relatively happy and content person. About the same as the most of us. She has her ups and her downs. She tries to have fun when she can and she dreams just as we all dream. 

Kathy works as an accountant. She’s done so since she finished her degree in finance and at age 31 she’s come to terms with what life means to her. 

On a Thursday, a normal Thursday like so many before, Kathy goes in for a routine check up. The doctor pauses during the process and says that he’ll be back in a moment. 

Walking back into the exam room he says “Kathy, I’d like to run a few test on you. It won’t take long.”

After, she heads home, has dinner and a glass of wine and calls it a night, not really thinking about the day at the doctors office. 

The following Monday our dear Kathy receives a call while she’s at work asking if she can come into the clinic the had just visited on Thursday. 

“I’ll be there right after work.” She says. 

There's a long pause, and the inability to find any words to speak. Kathy feels tears stream down her face. She collapses to the floor as a nurse comes to put her arms around her. “I’m sorry, Kathy, but you have cancer. I suspect you have two years at this point. It is regrettably terminal.” 

Those horrifying words from the doctor just moments before her collapse to the floor. 

Kathy goes home, feeling lost and empty. There is no dinner that evening. No wine. No sleep. 

After taking a couple of days away from the office she calls into them and informs her employer that she will not be returning. She has some things to do and take care of while she still can. 

Those dreams that Kathy had been having suddenly became much more. They became a necessity to her existence. They were no longer dreams or even goals. They were things the had to do because she KNEW she had to do them. Things that had been toiling around in her mind for as long as she could remember. 

Kathy went after the person she’d always wanted to be. She chased the things she always wanted to do. 

We’ll leave Kathy’s story here. I feel that she probably found the power to fight her battle of health within her dreams as well. 

In any case… there’s something for us all to take here.

First… We are building our legacy NOW. What others say about us, what we’re known for now or when we’re dead will be what we’ve done and who we’ve been today. 

Second… GO! We all have shit. There is ALWAYS an excuse to put something off and wait until tomorrow… or next year… or when you have more money, resourses… etc. 

We all have that still small voice inside that tells us who we are. Even if no one, even ourselves, have ever seen that person. You can call it "what you’re meant to do", “your calling”, “your purpose” or whatever you want, but we ALL know it. 

So, what happens? We so easily give ourselves a reason to not even attempt to be that person before we’ve even tried. We say to ourselves “Man… That would be amazing!!!   ….but it’s just a dream. It’s okay to have dreams. It really would be awesome if that happened, but that’s not real life. That’s just not how the world works.”  BULL SHIT

Tony Hawk didn’t become a great pro skateboarder because he thought it would be nice. He became so because he OWNED that about himself. He didn’t say “Maybe one day I’ll get there.” He went after that shit! He said “I AM” and it became so. 

Owning something about yourself gives you the ability to see it through. For a long time I had trouble calling myself an artist. What would people think if I did that? What gives me the validation? What if I’m not good enough? At the end of the day absolutely NONE of that matters. ZERO

If you’re creating something very deep and personal to you and you’re doing so for the love and approval of others you already need to reevaluate what you’re doing. 

I am an artist because I know that I am. I don’t need the approval of Joe Blow or Sally Sue. I am. 

With that ownership I am able to create drive. It doesn’t mean it’s no longer difficult. It doesn’t mean that there aren’t obstacles, or life obligations, but those things just become part of the journey. With that ownership and drive you’re happy to go out every day and bust your ass because the idea of not being able to be your “I AM” is simply no longer an option. 

Who are you, really? What have you said to the world today? Is it what you would want to be relayed? Build your legacy NOW! Please… 

I want you to succeed and you can’t do that if you don’t try. There are more people than you would ever know to give you support, but it won’t happen without you making it happen. It should take someone telling you that your life is a time bomb before you get off your ass. All of our lives are time bombs. We never know when we’re up. 

This could be the last thing I ever post. Today, when I get in the car it could be the last time. Tonight when I go to sleep it could be my last. 

Don’t wait. Go NOW!