Owning Yourself

It’s funny how something or someone will come along one day and completely change the way that you feel about life. It can happen so suddenly and unexpectedly. Obviously I’m about to tell you what recently happened to me.


I read an interview, done by The Great Discontent with Theron Humphrey (aka This Wild Idea). While the whole interview was great there was one quote that really resinated with me and left me pondering for hours. 


“I’m okay with people not remembering me; I’m okay with not leaving and impact on the world. That’s not my calling. My calling is to have meaningful relationships with people, and that’s enough.” —Theron Humphrey


Not just the quote, but even the idea of this really just stuck! It’s the ownership of it that makes it so unique. It’s taking an honest look at yourself and seeing your own heart with no regard and then clinging to it. That’s courage. 


You may name it as a calling... or your destiny… or simply that thing that you know will bring you the most fulfillment. Whatever you want to call it, I feel that most of us, were we to ask ourselves the question, immediately know what kind of imprint we truly wish to have… What we wish our legacy to be. 


Knowing that and actually owning that are two very different things though. If you own this fact about yourself it then becomes your fuel and drive. You’re able to take yourself beyond the day to day and the superficial parts of life that are all too easy to become entangled by. It becomes your reason to be. 


When I wanted to give my own answer, the outcome wasn’t surprising. It’s something that I’ve known all along, but the sensation of saying it out loud and giving it verbal recognition took that knowledge to the next level. It made me actually feel it for the first time. 


For me, I don’t want to be famous, but I want those that know of me to feel that what I’ve done has made them think. I don’t have to necessarily change their world, but if I can get them to pause, consider possibility, and even question I’ve done what I feel like I’m wired to do. 


From here I want to hold this knowledge about myself close. I own it. It’s mine. It would be a shame not to use it. What is your own personal truth? It’s something that you probably immediately know. If you do know it… say it out loud. Really… do it. It’s empowering.


I heard a famous British author (though I cannot recall her name) not long ago on NPR. She said something that also impacted me and certainly applies here. She was speaking to writers, but I heard it loud and clear. She said, 


“Write as if you were already dead.” 


In other words, whatever it is that you want to be known for when you’re gone… do that now! 


To sum all of this up, figure out who you are as an individual. Once you figure that out, OWN IT! I feel like I will always be searching that to a degree and that is part of what I own about myself. You have to be happy for you. No one else can be happy or content for you. It’s your responsibility for and to yourself. 


Life it too short to not be fulfilled. Go get it. 




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