Sir Josh Ulmer

I don't think Josh is actually knighted but in my mind he is completely worthy of the title Sir. 

He and I met initially some months back. We quickly realized that we had mutual friends and quite a lot in common and said from that point that we should get together and geek out on some photo stuff. It took a little while, but it finally happened. 

Josh came over in the late morning, and we spent the first part of our time talking about all sorts of things. Life... Art... Gregory Crewdson... Abandoning the world to live in a cabin... and of course photos. 

Telling me beforehand that I'd peeked his interest when it came to lighting, Josh was curious about my technique. I'm all about off-camera lighting so I was more than happy to show him what I do! 

If you live in Nashville and you don't know this wonderful human being, make that right. Heck. He's on social media. Say hello there! Josh is a heck of a photographer and he's hungry to grow. That's an amazing thing to see! I can't wait to see what he has up his own sleeve, but we've already got a project in the works. I hope you get to see that soon!

For The Photo Geeks:

(I'm going to talk about lighting. If you're just here for the pictures, scroll down.)

I'm always curious so I'll let you guys know what setup I did for Josh and I to play around with. I'll even throw in a diagram. 

Equipment: 2 AlienBee 800's, One 22" beauty dish (with diffusion slip), and One 36" OctoBox. (inner and outer diffuser)

Camera Settings: ISO 100, Shutter 200, F-Stops 22

Modifiers: The beauty dish was used as my main light source. I had it placed about 1.5' above the subject (Josh), and running at about half power. The octobox I positioned pretty low to the ground and at model's right 45ยบ. About quarter power settings here, just acting as a slight fill. 

Because of the position of the beauty dish it also gave me a bit of hair light. In addition I had the subject about 2 feet from the wall to there was a slight backlit glow and reflection from behind. 

This shot will also be the first of an upcoming series. 

That's it as far as the lighting here. I really like this setup. It's simple and moody, which is right up my ally. Do you have a favorite light setup you'd like to share? 

Here are a couple of bonus images. I've been playing around with these caricatures lately, just for a bit of fun. I really like how the ones of Josh turned out!