Inhale - Exhale

The more I create images the more personal they become to me. Not just the images themselves, but the entire process of their creation. From a simple idea to finally seeing the end result, I find myself becoming further involved. It’s my visual poetry at times. 



The original concept of a piece doesn’t always spawn from the same seed. It may come from a number of places. It could be set off by seeing a certain style, or a person that I wish to capture. It could come from places I’ve been or moods and emotions I’ve experienced. My creative process tends to be overall spontaneous. This particular pair of pieces had an interesting birth. They started with a genuine interest in a fellow human being’s life. It’s wonderful what you can find out about someone from taking the time to get to know them.  

I sat down with my friend, and subject of these two images and dove in. In the form of conversation I asked her several personal and direct questions. Some where very simple, such as “What’s your go-to music right now?” While others were much more deep and centered, such as “What is your greatest fear?” These questions led to the images below. They are my visual interpretation of another’s feelings and emotions. 

While these images are a pair, and are meant to been seen together that was not the original intent, and I love the fact that it happened the way it did. It’s something that I love about photography and photographing people especially. Though my first photographic love was photojournalism you’ll notice while looking through my work that it’s not really what I do. Even my photos that are technically “documentary” are much more controlled. I prefer to direct my photos. To fabricate an image to my liking, even in a documentary setting. Like it or not though, no matter how much you plan there will alway be something unexpected to happen when you’re photographing people, and I eagerly await that moment. 

The first shot here I had in my head. Everything was set up to make this image. I have notes, sketches, and drawings on it. I had a reason and meaning for every part of it. Nothing more was needed as far as I was concerned. So… In the studio we shot away. Explosions In The Sky playing in the background. The hair & makeup artist (Alyssa Kraus) popping in every few shots to make adjustments. Everything went smoothly. All as planned. As we finished up the shots for the image I suggested that since everything was already set up to do a second look from the back. Before I could even step back behind the lens the second image hit me! It was the moment I’d been waiting on! All at once I knew what it would look like. What it would mean, and that it would be a pair to the original idea. 

You’ll notice that I haven’t said what these images mean to me, and what my personal symbolism is behind them, and I won’t. I will give you a few words though:


alone                    space

unnoticeable        secure

hurt                       anger

relief                     consumed

orbit                      stressed

detached              care

panic                     nervous

exposed               free

release                 love

These images are meant for you to read and interpret for yourself. Should you wish to share your interpretations I would gladly listen to them. Allow yourself to get lost in things from time to time. Not just my images or even images in general, but the world around you. Other people. When you let you mind wander into that other world it may surprise you what you bring back to the world of your own. It’s certainly a creative push and drive for me. 




I had a lot of great help on these images by some wonderful people! The amazing hair & makeup by Alyssa Kraus. The help of Kris Damico and Michael Gomez, and of course West Light Studios in Franklin.