Favorite Images of 2013

 2013 certainly was a year of change and learning. It's crazy to look back and realize you're now doing things that you once felt were next to impossible. It's the kind of thing that gives one hope for the future. Thinking forward, there are many more paths ahead that right now seem quite daunting to travel, but looking back I know that no matter how difficult they seem they can be trekked. 

In this year I want to focus less on actual "goals" and more on the paths to them. You can think about the destination all day and night, but without actually striking your heal to the ground you'll never make it. This year I intend to wear out a pair of shoes or two on that path and even trudge bare-foot if need be!

It takes patience to get somewhere at times, and that's never been my strong suit. Today we are looking at the way people once did things and seeing the real value in a lot of it. We're realizing as a generation that less is more, slower can be better, and quality over quantity, but we're still the age of the microwave. Once we put in the effort we expect immediate results. When we don't get them we want to know what we did wrong and why it's not working, and may just give up. ...All in good time. 

Think about just how much can change in a single day. Even just a single moment in a day.  True story...  I was being a goof and chasing the dog around the kitchen. (It's a game we often play) I rounded the corner of the kitchen island, bent over, running in a hunch and very soon found the open oven door with my head. WHAM! I was literally knocked on my ass and dazed. It took me a moment to realize what had happened and about the time I felt the warmth of blood running down my face I found a big gash on my head. Long story short... I'm fine, but it happened so fast! One second I'm having fun with a dog, and the next I'm on the floor with blood on my face trying to figure out what's going on.

Sometimes time is a snail, but when it moves it moves fast! Think about the last year. So much can happen in a year's time. Be patient, but also be persistent. You still have to make your goals and dreams happen. They won't plop into your lap. You have to put in the work, but you're not cooking in a microwave if you're wanting sustainability. Instead, think fine Scotch. You can't just make an 18 year Scotch. You have to put in the hard work and wait. 

Regarding my work, in the coming days I hope that you see more honesty in my images. You may have noticed that I've taken even more of a focus on art, and I hope to do that more to the best of my ability. I love creating images, and I love even more when I can use them to say something. Even if it only speaks to me. I won't banter any more. I'll save some for later, but below are a few of my favorite images of this past year. Some of them are deeply personal to me. Others were great learning curves, or simply great projects and memories. 

To those of you who have followed and supported me on my journey... thank you! Really. I truly hope that I can inspire you in your own journeys or to start the one you've always thought about. Time is precious. We just started a whole new calendar. As far as I know I'll see the end of it, and I hope that when I look back on today I'll find that I've grown and become a better person. Thank you all, again. 




 Thanks so much for viewing. What did you create in 2013 that you'd like to share? Post and let's see!