Mysterious Happenings

There are some things that you just can't plan, and sometimes they end up being the best things that could have happened.

I recently heard a photography historian say "The photographic medium itself doesn't care what's important and what is not. If you point it (the camera) at something you think is important it's going to register all the unimportant stuff around it with just the same precision and fullness." 

How very true that is. It's something that I always keep in mind and when I do conceptional shoots I especially have it on the forefront of my thoughts. Every object, every person, all light sources meticulously placed and adjusted. No matter how much time you spend on those details though... at some point you have to stop and just shoot, and even then things can and WILL happen to help or harm you. 

Before I tell you what the intent of this photo was, and how it became what it did take a hard look at it, and try to get lost in it. I would love to know what you find, so please tell me your thoughts on the shot. 

Be sure to CLICK on the image to view it full screen and as large as you can.

So, this is actually an outtake of a photo shoot. The main subject here was my assistant for the day. I had him stand in place for a lighting test. As soon as I snapped the shot his father happened to look through the sliding doors to the right, just enough to be caught by the light. Then there's the cat lounging just out of the kitchen.  

At this writing I haven't done to much with the rest of the shoot yet (which I an VERY excited about!) because I got so caught up on this happy mistake. As for now I'm calling it my best outtake.  

Let me know your thoughts, and I hope you're inspired to take more photos!