Community & Kinfolk

I've always tried to hold high the importance of people and community. Sometimes little reminders come my way that really drive this home. 

Not long ago Emily and I, along with a couple of friends headed out for Sauvie Island. The outing was a summer potluck gathering hosted by Kinfolk. This was just such a reminder. 

Today, we're surrounded by "go go go!" and it's quite easy to get lost and caught up in that go. Our smart phones are both tools and entertainment and as wonderful as they can be they have the potential to add to the go and take away from a true human connection. When you leave out all the extras, and focus on those human connections great things are bound to happen.

Food has always brought people together. As has some sunshine and a body of water. Put all of those things together, put down the distractions, and you may just get to know someone, and find an unexpected friend.  

Cherries are everywhere right now in the northwest. If you take a single one and set it alone you can tell what it is, and it appears lovely and appealing. However… take several and put them in a bowl and suddenly they're a chorus of beauty. Their individual shades and colors become vibrant and more interesting.

Your mind may start to ponder their origin and how they came to sit next to one another. Questions that you wouldn't have otherwise asked. A minimal gathering is just like our bowl of cherries here. Keep it simple. Bring some food, some blankets, and maybe a camera or two. You'll create memories. You won't even be able to help it.


photos taken with a DSLR and Polaroid Land Camera