Hannah's Song

I was sitting on my back porch enjoying the sun that would find its way through the clouds every now and again, and doing a bit of work. The birds were diving around the yard and the blueberry field and the neighbor's chickens were cackling about something or another. It'd been a good day thus far.  

Out of the corner of my eye I saw someone dash out to the edge of the field and disappear under the low-hanging branches of the trees. I didn't think too much of it and went back to my work. A few moments later I hear hands tapping in rhythm. Soon after a hear a sweet voice singing. My attention was now completely on the wonderful sounds coming from the edge of the field and the trees. I tried as best I could to figure out the tune, but could never quite place it and after a few more moments passed I finally gave in. 

Grabbing my jar of coffee and my iPhone I headed toward the sound. As I approached this someone looks up to see me and I realize that it is a neighbor of mine that I've never met. I introduce myself and she does the same, telling me her name is Hannah. I tell her that I couldn't help but overhear what she was doing and that it sounded wonderful from my back porch. 

"I saw it in a movie." She said. "I was practicing in the house and my sister told me that I needed to go elsewhere, so I came outside." 

She had a blue cup, and was using it, along with her hands to create a beat. She then sang "When I'm Gone" on top of the beat she'd created. She performed this for me and even allowed me to take some footage of her performance. (see the video below) 

At our parting I was happy to have found such a wonderful person, and even more happy to know that this person lives next door. I make a point to meet others and find out their stories as often as I can, but it took a coincidence for me to meet someone that lives a stones through away. That's a kick in the pants for ya.  

Thank you so much, Hannah for sharing your talent. I'm very happy to have met you!