The Best Camera

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"The best camera is the one in your hand."

I try to carry a camera with me everywhere that I can, but sometimes it's just not feasible to have one around your shoulder. Say what you will about modern technology, I have my own issues with it. I haven't owned a microwave in several years now, (long story involving sparks and butter) but for all it's kinks the iPhone is damn handy.

Emily and I spent most of the weekend in Portland, seeing a show and some friends. I of course brought a few cameras, but my iPhone actually got more use than any of them. It's been said, and I believe it, "the best camera is the one in your hand." I'm sure someone important and interesting is responsible for that quote, but I couldn't say who.

Below are a few shots from our time in the lovely City of Roses.

These shots were done using the 645 PRO app. If you're interested in what else is in my iPhonetography arsenal just ask.