Olympia Coffee Capitol Blvd.

Since Emily and I  moved to Olympia, I've been fortunate enough to do some photo work with Olympia Coffee Roasting Co. on a few occasions. As of today their newest cafe is open, and it is gorgeous! The obvious passion that Oliver and Sam (Owners) have for coffee and community is shown in the space itself. That passion doesn't stop with them as it is very clear that it extends to every member of the OCR family. As I came in yesterday afternoon to take the photos you'll see below, witnessing the care and excitement in the final preparation was amazing to see. I knew before, but it was a certainty at that point that this new space would be a huge success. I was honored to be a part of those final steps.

At this writing I am sitting in that very space, on the grand opening day, and to see it full of eager and genuinely excited people is almost unreal. Even yesterday, as I helped clean and took photos there was a constant flow of customers-to-be popping their heads in, hoping to catch an early secret opening. They were greeted and left excited to come back the next day, and I've seen many of those faces just this morning. On the faces of Oliver, Sam and the rest of the team is the excitement of a dream fulfilled, and a vision that has been made a reality.

As many of you may know I have strong ties to the coffee industry. My own passion for great crafted coffee, design, and good lighting makes me love the new OCR space all the more. It's clear that all the details were considered. The baristas stand behind a surrounding bar, giving them the ability to share artisan coffee at a full 360º. The size of the space isn't part of its appeal for it's comfortable but modest. The design of the space however is something to note,  with a focus on the reason we all come in. The coffee and community.

 I'm not much of a writer, so I won't say much more, but I will say if you're not already, you should familiarize yourself with these wonderful folks. Their presence is something to speak of but it doesn't hurt that they're the 2013 Micro Roastery of the Year. (as named by Roast Magazine) I look forward to even greater things from Olympia Coffee Roasting Co. because they can't seem to do things any other way. Cheers to you, OCR!

Learn more about Olympia Coffee Roasting Co. here and look for opening day photos soon.