Nude Self Portraits

Why did I post nude photos of myself? 

Knowing that all those that I come in contact with on a daily basis, friends, family, and acquaintances, may see them certainly sent a lot of questions through my own mind. There was a lot to consider and I believe that my reasons are solid. Or at least good enough for me. 

The photos weren’t done out of vanity or self involvement. I stare in the mirror just long enough to shave my head. I didn’t take them for a shock or surprise, but I do have my reasons. 

First, the human body is beautiful and fascinating. Nude photos aren’t something I’ve done a lot of and it’s easy for me to use myself as a study subject. More than that however is what these posted photos mean to me as a person and individual and what they represent. 

As outgoing and eager of a person as I can be, I do have a reserve or shyness about me. This isn’t necessarily an undesirable quality, but I feel that it has potentially cost me some experiences and opportunities. 

These photos, and the fact that they’ve been put up for the public eye are a symbol and reminder to myself to forget what others may think or how they might feel about me, and to go after the things that I want. In the end I’ll be the one regretting the missed opportunity. They also represent a commitment to truth-to-self. If you can’t be true to your own self you can’t expect to be completely true to others. 

Here’s to honesty.


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