Life Is Better With Milk (with Taylor Macleod)

It’s always a joy to find someone who loves the idea of having their photo taken as much as I enjoy taking their photo. Taylor certainly exemplifies this!

Emily and I were having dinner out the other night and an idea for a photo dropped in my lap. I immediately sent Taylor a text and we agreed to meet at my house the following morning before he had to work. He came by about 9 am. I let my southern hospitality shine and made breakfast. We had coffee and some conversation then not long after we finished downing the eggs and toast we went to work. 

Some fidgeting with frame set up and lighting and a short few moments later the image I saw in my head came to life.

Taylor is a wonderful subject and it’s difficult to keep up with him at times, with his natural inclination to perform for a camera, which is an exciting issue to have. I’ll take it any day! Several other shots were done and I ended up with many that I’m very happy with.

The two of us have spoken on several occasions about doing a project together, and there are some plans for future shoots, but this spur of the moment shoot certainly taught me something, and that is to act on ideas as soon as you can. I have had several things pop into my head and I’ll day dream on them for a few hours… days… weeks… but if I don’t eventually act on those ideas they will fall back, probably never to be thought of again. They may not always turn out, and I may not always get the exact image I see in my head, but who’s to say I wont get something better that I didn’t expect or at very least learn something from it.

I look forward to working with this fine gentleman again soon.

See some other shots below.