Chris Daniels is an artist and photographer based in Nashville, TN. He is best known for his creative portraiture and his unique ability to connect with his subjects on a deep and personal level. Be it a stranger on the street or a well-known public figure or celebrity, he’s always challenging and striving to get to the true individual.

He is primarily a portrait photographer that specializes in entertainment, fine-art, advertising, editorial, travel and commercial. 

He’s an advocate of truth and change, lover of people and places and takes his tequila/mezcal neat.




I’m fascinated by people. I mean really fascinated! If you were to ask me why I’m a portrait photographer it’s due to that fascination. I believe in humanity. I believe in our potential and our love. 

I’m driven to explore humanity by challenging the perceived truths around us. I’m much more a listener than a story-teller and I’m known to ask people fundamental questions about themselves such as “why do you get our of bed every day?” 

Asking something so honest and intimate and truly listening to people, giving them trust and safety results in the person sitting in front of me becoming so much more than the subject of a photograph. They become an individual with a personal story. That’s what I do as a photographer. I help people to really see people. 

It’s more to me than creating a good image. It’s about opening and challenging the hearts and minds of the viewers of the image. It’s about connecting with people on a people level. I believe that you can see that in an image. I believe that the viewers can see the honesty and connect to it.

Love Aimlessly, My Friends,